Our Outlaws story begins with our endless pursuit of creating an expertly crafted, quality cigar.  Inspired by the rugged mindset of the modern-day outlaw, we didn’t set out to take the easiest path. We set out to blaze a new path.

Rough-cut and hand-rolled, Swisher Sweets Outlaws cigars are made in Honduras. Often overlooked for its Nicaragua and Dominican Republic counterparts, Honduran cigar makers are considered among the finest in the world.  We don’t need fan fair to tell us what is good and neither do you. We recognize quality craftsmanship and appreciate the robust characteristics of this cigar that is as bold as those who smoke it.

We are pioneering a new frontier in cigar smoking. Not meant for the ordinary, this cigar is crafted for those who refuse to settle, who refuse to do what is expected, and for those who aren’t afraid to be different.

This is our Outlaws story. What’s yours?

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